The Clinical Research Centre (CRC)’s mission is to promote clinical research within HUG and the Faculty of Medicine by developing translational research that matches the priority areas defined by our two institutions. The CRC offers support for clinical research and provides patients with innovative treatments stemming from basic research. Clinical research means patient-oriented research, in contrast to laboratory research which involves tissues and animals.

The CRC works with clinical researchers on projects initiated by institutions and the pharmaceutical industry. It ensures rigorous compliance with laws, regulations and directives necessary for high-quality research.

The CRC works at the heart of Geneva University Hospitals at the cutting edge of therapeutic progress and clinical research, in total security. Its work is thus in line with one of our institution’s values: innovation.

Available Resources: The CRC team is composed of physicians, clinical research associates, nurses and auditors. Data analysis is performed by data managers, epidemiologists and biostatisticians.These clinical research professionals are organised into three units:

  • The Methodological Support Unit (UAM), which provides the methodological framework as well as assistance in the statistical analysis of data from clinical research studies.
  • The Clinical Investigation Unit (UIC), which provides dedicated logistics and infrastructure for carrying out clinical studies (beds, nurses, clinical research associates). 
  • The Quality Unit, (UQ)which contributes to the continuous improvement of quality for clinical trials in compliance with current regulations.

The Centre received support from the Swiss National Science Foundation, which subsidised its establishment from 2008 to 2012. It continues to grow with the support of the Faculty of Medicine and HUG.