Frequently Asked Questions

1. Where is the Clinical Research Centre (CRC)?

Contact Information and Location

2. What are the Clinical Research Centre’s three Support Units?

Clinical Investigation Unit UICMethodological Support / Clinical InvestigationQuality Unit

3. What should I do if I need funding?

Financial Support for Research Call for Projects: Beginning Researchers / Call for Projects: Advanced Researchers

4. What is Good Clinical Practice (GCP)? Do you know what it is?

Useful Information & LinksUseful DocumentsGCP

5. How can I gain more training?

Training / Education

6. Where can I find the templates for writing a protocol?

Swissethics website

7. Protocols, patient information and consent.

Swissethics website

8. Do I need insurance for my study?


9. What documents should I prepare for submission to the Cantonal Research Ethics Committee (CCER)?

Website CCER and Swissethics 

10. What documents should I prepare for submission to Swissmedic?

See Swissmedic

11. What if I would like to present the results of my study?

Come talk about your study at the Clinical Research Day.

12. How can I submit a request for services to the CRC? How can I join the CRC staff? or Contact Information and Location

13. How can I submit a request for Data Management services?

Data Management