CRC Rates (in Swiss francs)

For each study, the CRC creates an estimate according to the estimated time using the table below:

  • The initial consultation is free for up to 3 hours of work.
  • After that, services are billed either at an hourly rate (according to the table below) or using a flat-free arrangement, to be determined.
  • The rates below are inclusive of tax.
Title/Service  External Hourly Rate for Industry-Sponsored Studies  Intra-HUG and SNSF Hourly Rate 
Consulting for project developmentSpecialised medical consultation  230.00 115.00 
Quality management advising   230.00 115.00 
Statistics and informatics assistance  230.00 115.00 
Pharmacovigilance  230.00 115.00 
Clinical research associate for study coordination  230.00 115.00 
Data manager  230.00 115.00 
Clinical research nurse  190.00 95.00 


Additional Services External Rate for Industry-Sponsored Studies Intra-HUG Rate 
Monitoring upon estimate only

Data management

(secuTrial® or REDCap eCRF, database management, administration, exports, post-processing and storage)

12,000.00 - 30,000.00

(depending on the services)

2,800.00 - 9,500.00

SNSF: 15,000.00 - 25,000.00

  • An additional 30% charge will be added for work performed outside of business hours.