Frequently Asked Questions

1. Where is the Clinical Research Centre (CRC)?

Contact Information and Location

2. What are the Clinical Research Centre’s three Support Units?

Clinical Investigation Unit UIC
Methodological Support 
Quality Unit

3. What should I do if I need funding?

Financial Support for Research Call for Projects: Beginning Researchers / Call for Projects: Advanced Researchers

4. What is Good Clinical Practice (GCP)? Do you know what it is?


5. How can I gain more training?

Training / Education

6. Where can I find the templates for writing a protocol?

Swissethics website

7. Protocols, patient information and consent.

Swissethics website

8. Do I need insurance for my study?


9. What documents should I prepare for submission to the Cantonal Research Ethics Committee (CCER)?

Website CCER and Swissethics 

10. What documents should I prepare for submission to Swissmedic?

See Swissmedic

11. What if I would like to present the results of my study?

Come talk about your study at the Clinical Research Day.

12. How can I submit a request for services to the CRC? How can I join the CRC staff? or Contact Information and Location

13. How can I submit a request for Data Management services?

Data Management