2013 Day

 6th Annual Clinical Research Day and Award

Thursday, 16 May 2013

List of Winners


The Clinical Research Centre is proud to present:

  • The 2013 Clinical Research Award (tie) to the study entitled:

Optimisation of energy provision with supplemental parenteral nutrition in critically ill patients: a randomised controlled clinical trial

And its authors:Claudia Paula Heidegger: Intensive Care Division, Mette M Berger, Séverine Graf, Walter Zingg, Patrice Darmon, Michael C Costanza, Ronan Thibault, Claude Pichard

and to the study entitled:

Nifurtimox-Eflornithine Combination Therapy for Second-Stage Gambiense Human African Trypanosomiasis: Doctors Without Borders Experience in the Democratic Republic of the CongoAnd its authors:Emilie Alirol: International and Humanitarian Medicine Division, David Schrumpf, Josué Amici Heradi, Andrea Riedel, Catherine de Patoul, Michel Quere and François Chappuis.

  • The 2013 Best Poster Award, selected by public vote, to the study entitled:

ANTI-APOLIPOPROTEIN A-1 IGG IN PATIENTS WITH MYOCARDIAL INFARCTION PROMOTES INFLAMMATION THROUGH TLR2/CD14 COMPLEX And its authors:Sabrina Pagano: Laboratory Medicine Division, Nathalie Satta, Dirk Werling, Victoria Offord, Philippe de Moerloose, Emanuel Charbonney, Denis Hochstrasser, Pascale Roux-lombard, Nicolas Vuilleumier

Out of 48 voters.

Program and Collection of Abstracts

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