2009 Day

 2009 Clinical Research Award

The Jury presented the Award to two winners (tie), who will each receive CHF 1,000:

  • Award presented to Dr. Nicolas Vuilleumier for the study:

"CARDIAC BIOMARKERS FOR RISK STRATIFICATION IN NON MASSIVE PULMONARY EMBOLISM: A MULTICENTER PROSPECTIVE STUDY"And its authors: Vuilleumier Nicolas, Le Gal Gregoire, Verschuren Franck, Perrier Arnaud, Bounameaux Henri, Turck Natacha, Sanchez Jean-Charles, Mensi Noury, Perneger Thomas, Hochstrasser Denis, Righini Marc. 

  • Award presented to Dr. Pietro Majno for the study:

"PREDICTING SURVIVAL AFTER LIVER TRANSPLANTATION IN PATIENTS WITH HEPATOCELLULAR CARCINOMA BEYOND THE MILAN CRITERIA: A RETROSPECTIVE, EXPLORATORY ANALYSIS"And its authors:Vincenzo Mazzaferro, Josep M Llovet, Rosalba Miceli, Sherrie Bhoori, Marcello Schiavo, Luigi Mariani, Tiziana Camerini, Sasan Roayaie, Myron E Schwartz, Gian Luca Grazi, René Adam, Peter Neuhaus, Mauro Salizzoni, Jordi Bruix, Alejandro Forner, Luciano De Carlis, Umberto Cillo, Andrew K Burrough, Roberto Troisi, Massimo Rossi, Giorgio E Gerunda, Jan Lerut, Jacques Belghiti, Ilka Boin, Jean Gugenheim, Fedja Rochling, Bart Van Hoek, Pietro Majno, on behalf of the Metroticket Investigator Study Group.

Program and Collection of Abstracts

Article - Pulses - July/August 2009

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