Jules Desmeules has been trained in both internal medicine and clinical pharmacology and toxicology. He heads the Clinical Investigation Unit of the Clinical Research Centre at Geneva University Hospitals and the Faculty of Medicine. He manages the Therapeutic Information and Pharmacovigilance Centre of the Clinical Pharmacology and Toxicology Division at Geneva University Hospitals.

His research primarily centres on studying the transport of drugs and enzymes for metabolising xenobiotics such as cytochrome P450 using in vitro (microsomes, cells) or in vivo models (phenotyping, genotyping, pharmacokinetic and pharmacogenetic studies), especially in the field of analgesics.

 His other main research focus is developing neurophysiological assessment methods for proving the efficacy of peripheral and central analgesics (psychometric and neurophysiological assessment-quantitative sensory testing) and detecting dysfunction in transmission and modulation systems involved in chronic pain phenomena.

 Jules Desmeules is the author or co-author of over 100 scientific publications or book chapters.