Jérôme PUGIN

The Deputy Dean in charge of Clinical Medicine, Jérôme Pugin received his training as a physician at the Geneva Faculty of Medicine and holds a Swiss Medical Association specialisation in internal medicine and intensive care medicine.

He practices medicine as the Head of the Intensive Care Division of Geneva University Hospitals. He also runs a research laboratory in the Molecular Medicine and Microbiology Department, which focuses on molecular mechanisms in bacterial recognition by immune cells in human hosts.

Appointed Associate Professor of the Intensive Care Division of the Department of Anesthesiology, Pharmacology and Intensive Care in 2007, today Jérôme Pugin is a Full Professor and Co-Chair of the Permanent Faculty Committee on Research and Developing Future Researchers, and is very active in pre- and post-graduate education in infectiology, emergency medicine and intensive care. He is also the President of the Clinical Research Centre of HUG and the Faculty of Medicine.