Isabelle MERCIER

Isabelle Mercier, who holds a Doctorate in Cellular Biology and Biochemistry, joined the CRC in 2008 after obtaining an Inter-University Degree (DIU) in Clinical Trial Investigator Training (FIEC) from the Lyon Faculty of Medicine. She is a quality manager and coordinated the implementation of the quality system at the UIC. The UIC has been ISO 9001-certified since 2012 for investigator support in clinical research and conducting clinical trials. She is part of the CRC Quality Unit, which offers hospital investigators quality assistance services, auditing services, and advising prior to external audits or health authority inspections.She is a member of the Auditing Platform of the Swiss Clinical Trial Organisation (SCTO). 

She is involved in the Good Clinical Practice (GCP) training program offered by the UIC, as well as in the “Management of clinical trials- Good clinical practice implementation and quality processes” DAS and the “drug discovery and clinical development” MAS at the University of Geneva.