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Procedures and Manuals for Investigators

The sponsor and/or investigator will meet with our team to discuss their protocol and potential possibilities that best meet their needs and the organisation of their study. Various services will be offered, keeping the available budget in mind. Please note that the best time to complete this planning step is before the study protocol is finalised and submitted to the Ethics Committee.


Clinical Data Management

One of the main missions of the CRC is to assist clinical researchers in managing data from their clinical studies in accordance with regulatory requirements (Swissmedic, EMEA, FDA) and Good Clinical Practice (ICH). Management encompasses several aspects:


CRC Bulletins

Bulletin n°41 -  June 2019: "Biobanques - vers une harmonisation et un cadre réglementaire institutionnel"

Bulletin n°40 -  March 2019: "Puissance d’étude et taille d’échantillon d’un essai clinique. Quels sont les éléments à considérer ?"

Bulletin n°39 -  January 2019: "Un logiciel médical à usage interne développé en milieu hospitalier"