Quality Unit


The Quality Unit (CQ) works to continuously improve the quality of how clinical trials are conducted.

  • Setting up a quality system: A clinical trial management system can be set up or optimised at the request of hospital divisions performing clinical trials. The CQ will offer an organisation chart for managing clinical studies and will help draft clinical research projects.
  • Performing audits: The CQ performs internal and external audits in order to improve and develop clinical research organisation. It also responds to requests for audits from sponsors.
  • Preparation for inspections: In the event that a research structure is inspected by a health authority (e.g., Swissmedic, FDA or EMA), the CQ can assist the sponsor or investigator with preparing for the inspection and provide support during the inspection.

Clinical trials run by an investigator/sponsor may be inspected by Swissmedic and incur fees. We offer a coverage guarantee: Swissmedic Inspection Fees Coverage Guarantee - Conditions and Enrollment




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