Aurore Britan

Holder of a PhD in Molecular Genetics and Physiology from Blaise Pascal University (France), Aurore Britan worked for several years in fundamental research at the Faculty of Medicine of the University of Geneva and joined in 2011, Swiss Institute of Bioinformatics, where she gained expertise in bioinformatics, biocuration and databases of human proteins.

After obtaining the Diploma of Continuing Education in Management of Clinical Trials at the University of Geneva, Aurore joined CRC's Clinical Investigation Unit in November 2018 as a scientific collaborator, where she is involved in coordinating the deployment of the General Consent for Research within the HUG and its follow-up. Since March 2019, she is also part of the UIC Data Management team, which offers a data management service for clinical research studies to investigators inside and outside HUG, in accordance with all laws and regulations related to Good Clinical Trial Practice (GCP).

Aurore is also a member of the "Data Management" platform of the Swiss Clinical Trial Organization (SCTO)