Alain Matthey is a physician in the Clinical Investigation Unit. This unit offers investigators infrastructure as well as medical and regulatory expertise centred on implementing and conducting clinical trials. As a clinician, Alain Matthey has overseen various clinical trials in several medical specialisations on different phases of drug development. He is also involved in assessing patients with treatment-resistant chronic pain who are referred to the HUG Pain Clinic. He will also supplement his experience with Swiss Medical Association doctoral training as a pharmaceutical medicine specialist. His research focuses on developing research methods (qualitative sensory testing, psychometry and functional imaging) to explore peripheral and central anti-nociceptive effects of compounds with analgesic or antihyperalgesic properties. His other main research topics centre on studying transmembrane transporters and enzymes involved in the metabolism of xenobiotics such as cytochrome P450 in in vivo models (pharmacokinetics, pharmacogenetics).