Horizon 2020 - 2016/2017 Swiss Participation

 In anticipation of Switzerland’s full association to the European Framework Program Horizon 2020 (H2020) in 2017, all Swiss partners must now request financing from the European Commission for all participations (including in pillars 2 and 3!) - according to recent information from SERI:- Swiss participants are now invited to submit their project proposals for all calls for proposals along with participants from other Horizon 2020 associated countries (via the Participant Portal);- For all project submissions, the Swiss partner’s financial contribution must be listed in the column “Requested EU Contribution €” in the “Budget” section;- For collaborative projects, we strongly recommend including at least three partners from EU Member States and/or H2020 associated countries in the consortium in order to satisfy the consortium eligibility conditions in case Switzerland’s association status changes (with financing from Swiss partners by SERI). Reference Information (SERI)

2016-2017 List of Calls for Proposals

We ask UNIGE researchers participating in H2020 project submissions to please contact us to obtain up-to-date information and support.

Best regards, Dr. Laure Ognois, Research Division DirectorDr. Alex Waehry, Head of European and International Research Support